10 Free Portrait Lightroom Presets

Perhaps you have been frustrated with the amount of time you spend using the pc, editing photographs as opposed to the camera shooting? If this is so, I’ve news for you, I have already been there. Fortunately for me, within the decades of working inside Lightroom editing photographs, I have managed to decrease my article processing workflow. My final aim was to make Lightroom presets which in fact work and share it!

I have literally spent hours coming up with distinct free Lightroom presets which have been fine-tuned that offer my pictures another “appearance” or “texture” depending on exactly what I am searching for and matches the picture finest.

Darkened room! My 100% complimentary Lightroom presets starter package will operate perfectly for the two Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, 6 along with Lightroom CC! My new complimentary free lightroom presets Collection, includes 10 awesome, distinct appearances and edits which are made to provide you with creative flexibility with 1-click ease! Have a peek at the illustrations below to find the assortment of appearances which may be accomplished with only one simple step.


From white and black, to profound pops of color I’ve a set of 10 presets that covers all of it. The excellent thing is you can tweak every specific photograph to acquire the exact look you are after. It takes seconds, compared to the moments it was likely taking you ahead.

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A “Lightroom preset” is simply a set of multiple editing alterations which were stored for simple reuse and copying on potential photographs. With just 1-click of this mouse, instead of replicate all the steps, you may make a photograph you adore within minutes.

Workflow become fast and additionally give your last pictures a more consistent appearance. Consistency on your photographs builds confidence with your clients and will finally allow you to more business!

These presets can be applied to a picture, then synched to the remaining part of the gallery inside Lightroom! This implies your editing period will DRASTICALLY be decreased. In reality, individuals are writing me stating the mare capable to edit whole galleries in about half an hour!


That is huge! Another reason presets could be so helpful is that they are a terrific learning tool! You’ll almost certainly get used to viewing your editing panel switch, which makes it a lot easier to comprehend the way the appearance of your photographs alter.

This is Just What You’ll Receive

1. Bitchin’ summer – A warm portrait type preset with a lenient beachy impression.

2. Cole’s Bangin’ Intelligent B&W- Classic, Vintage, tender B&W

3. Winter Haze – Similar ambiance to Bitchin’ Summer with chiller tones.

4. Wild Style 1 – A 80s old-fashioned toned cross processing appearance

5. Wild Style 2 -A 80s decorative toned crossover processing appearance — not as green

6. Smooth Skin Slight Delta – gentle, sleek, intimate, color preset

7. Sepia and B&W Twist – Cole’s cross sepia/B&W mix!

8. Old School Film Sepia — Move back in time into the pre-digital era, hi-grain and edgy

9. Old School Film B&W — Move back in time into the pre-digital era, hi-grain and edgy

10. Faux Film — warm and marginally desaturated color tones with grain