5 Ways to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit

Many people find trouble in coordinating jewelry to match their outfits. This predicament faces people each day throughout the world. Indeed, it can be tough to choose what to wear, when to wear and the jewelry styles that will complement these different looks.

Proper coordination of your jewelry with the outfits can turn a dull look to a stunning and classic appearance. This article goes through ways to coordinate jewelry with your outfit.

1. Wearing Warm Jewelry with Cool Colors

Amber gems, canary diamonds and rubies make a statement from a distance. They posses ambitious and sizzling colors that look great over white and black outfits.


Nevertheless, have you ever thought of pairing them with cool colors. Purple or blue outfits will match perfectly with warm color gems. More so, a royal blue top and set of rubies give a bold, complete look.

2. Using Jewelry That Complements Skin Tone

Not only should your jewelry match your outfits, but it should also compliment your skin tone. Your skin tone is considered a part of your outfit. People who emerge as top accessorizers know how to match their jewelry with their skin tone. Gold jewelry mostly matches with dark hair and dull skin tones.

Cooler skins are more fitted by white gold, and gems of brighter colors such as purple, blue and red. For warmer skin tones, yellow jewelry and orange, yellow and green gems would coordinate well.

3. Matching Summer and Spring Outfits with Cool Colors

Natural cool colors look great on the bright freshness of summer and spring. You can wear outfits of neutral fabrics or patterns hand in hand with cool colors jewelry such as blue or green peridot gemstones.


You can use naturally paired colors to wear nature-inspired outfits. The pink camel boutique provides you with all types of handmade Native American jewelry made with love to complement your outfit.

4. Matching the Jewelry with The Occasion

There is the wrong type of jewelry for a particular occasion. For people who are going to work and plans to type a lot, it is not a good idea to put on dangling wrist jewelry. Hanging bracelets and bangles are likely to distract you as you type.

More so, you will not choose the same jewelry and outfits for an evening club when going to church. Ensure that you observe the factors of the occasion you are attending, what you will be doing and how the jewelry will come out to other people.

5. Using Earrings to Highlight the Face

You can have perfect outfits but fail to coordinate it with your face. If you aim to grab the attention of people through your face, you need to have a pair of glittery and flashy earrings.


You need to consider your shape of the face and choose the pair of earrings that brings out the best of you. Women with oval faces should go for triangular and studs’ earrings while those with heart-shaped faces may consider drop earrings.


You need to have a lot of knowledge for you to perfectly coordinate jewelry with your outfits. Luckily, you now have some tips to help you perfect your dressing and save some time when picking out your outfits. You can now coordinate your jewelry and outfits like an expert accessorizers.