Best Light Up Shoes in 2018

When creating a shoe collection it obvious to ensure that you capture even the kid inside of you. Light up shoe designs are perfect for creating a playful shoe profile. There are a bunch of designers out there with fantastic light up shoe designs. The light up shoes come in different designs for the versatile market they target regarding colours shapes and sizes.

Before you purchase any shoe or product whatsoever, information is vital. Being informed helps you make better decisions and get the best value for your money. In all the released designs of light up shoes, there are the best and the worst as far as quality goes.

If you are looking for quality and a trustworthy brand, the nike light up shoes are’t just what you are looking for. The most popular light up shoes by Nike has been designed for PlayStation fanatics, and they are catchy and beautiful. Also, Nike has also designed other of its labels to have lights.

Why Nike?

Nike is one of the most trustworthy shoemakers there is out there. They have got this trust from their clients due to the high quality of their shoes that they have maintained persistently over time.


The company’s outstanding experience is what has over time won the customers trust. Light up shoes from Nike have an exceptional quality that has made them stand out from the rest. These are features such as.


When you buy a light up shoe, you have to be sure that the lights are as durable as the shoes themselves. Without that the shoes would defeat the purpose of them being light up shoes.

Nike gives you high-quality light up shoes that are durable; lasting up to over 6 million steps. With such durability, you should expect your Nike to last up three years with perfect lighting.

The diversity of the colours

Different people will have different tastes; colour is one thing that people will always differ on. Nike has ensured that it has several colours to match the people’s needs.


Since the lights are made of LED, this is quite easy. Some shoes will even have more than one colour.Main Features of light up shoes from Nike


Nike has always been about comfort. Since back in the days they have come up with amazing designs that have been vouched for as the most comfortable sneakers in the market.

Well, this is no different for their light up shoes. They have a fantastic cushioning that makes them unbeatable in the market.

Arch support and flexibility

A shoe should support your arches well to promote longer distance walk. Poor arch support is hectic for people with arch complications, which makes these Nikes perfect for everyone. Arch support is very closely related to flexibility, without flexibility, arch support would be meaningless.


When walking for longer distances with a stiff shoe, you would suffer just as much as walking around with a shoe with poor flexibility. Since Nikes are more of sporty sneakers, these two aspects are fundamental to their brand. Nikes are amazing, and their light up shoes are more than just amazing, they are fantastic..