How Can I Make My Crush Birthday Special

If your crush has a birthday, it’s an excellent chance to throw signs about how you feel about them. On this special day in their lives, you can do there several things to make them feel special. That person will know that you care about him/her and feel loved. But how can you pull it off and ensure it’s effective? Here are several ways to do it.

Write a special note to your crush

There are lots of traditional birthday cards in supermarkets. However, choose not to go this obvious way and write that individual a personal letter or note. Make the message in the note as interesting as possible; don’t just say “happy birthday to you.” You can ahead and say, ”


On this special day in your life, may you find happiness and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Lots of love.” Since you know that individual better, make it personal based on how you guys interact. After you’re done writing, you can slide it under their door. You can also hand it in person or place it on their desk if you work together.

Bake them a cake

What is a better way of showing your crush how much they mean to you than baking them a cake? They’ll appreciate the effort and time you took to complete this task.

You can personalize the cake with either their name, their initials, or their date of birth. If you can’t bake a whole cake, make pies or cupcakes. Visit this website to find more ideas.

Make them a video

This is another excellent way to make your crush feel special on their birthday. The best thing about it is that it’s inexpensive and easy to pull off. You just need your phone or digital camera. Record yourself wishing them a happy birthday and how much they mean to you. Then, send them that video. They will think of you and feel loved each time they play that video.


These are some of the best ways to make your crush birthday special. Since you know them well, you can try other techniques that you think will make them feel loved. If you don’t know your crush that well, you can always ask his/her friends and organize a surprise.