What is Lightroom and What is it Used For?

If you are a beginner in photography be sure you cannot walk the journey successfully without Lightroom. Lightroom is known to be RAW converter it is a software that helps photographers to edit their photos and manipulate the pictures to be more beautiful and attractive. The best of all about Lightroom is that it is easier to use, it has more tools and it is fun when using.

To hit on the specific lightroom tutorial covers three significant aspects and may also be referred to be the actual uses of Lightroom. The major lightroom aspects are the organization, editing and publishing.


You start with importing the photos you would like to work on into the lightroom, after you import the picture you can arrange them in the manner of your choice and also you can rename them to be easier to remember and tag them.


After importing your pictures the second most crucial beat is culling, at this point you go through all the pictures you had previously taken and select the best that you will work on to improve their appearance.


After selecting your best pictures to work on, the next step is editing where you improvise your artistic work. Editing is done by use of different tools that are available in Lightroom to modify a single picture to suit your need and also to satisfy your client as well.


After editing you cannot keep your nice photograph work to yourself, you have got a chance to share your beautiful pictures with the world. Sharing your photos with the world also acts as a way of marketing yourself and making your customers know you better.

When using Lightroom to publish your photographs, you have a variety of publishing choices, as you can share your pictures with the world via social networks like Facebook, Twitter among others. You can also print your picture to a hard copy and also if you have your website you can publish your photographs there as galleries to be viewed by different people who visit your website.


Lightroom is an excellent program as you can also track a photograph that you once edited and shared with this program even if it is over ten years ago. As far as you can remember the name you saved it is very easy to trace and retrieve your picture.

With the basic uses for Lightroom, there are other many more benefits of using Lightroom for you photography excellence.

1. Browsing your pictures is simple.

Lightroom gives the photographers an opportunity to view their different pictures and also a chance to compare the image to be able to choose the best.

2. Lightroom makes it easy to search for photos.

As this program has a lot of data, it becomes very easy to search for a specific picture.

3. Lightroom saves space on your hard drive.

Unlike other photo, editors lightroom saves space as it does not change the size of a picture.

4. It is super powerful in photo editing.

It has been proven that Lightroom is the best photo editing program.

5. Lightroom is known worldwide.

Having that Lightroom is very popular, you are assured that you will never lack resources and information in times of need. After going through this article, you automatically become more knowledgeable on what is Lightroom, who uses it and the benefits of using the program too.